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House of Hope School offers both primary and high school education on its campus located in Katani, Machakos County. In line with the Ministry of Education guidelines,

we offer Competence Based Curriculum (CBC) for children in Grade 1 – 3 as well as the 8-4-4 system of education for those in standard 4 all the way to the final year of high school. To adequately meet our mandate of offering quality academics for all our children, we have teamed up with dedicated partners who have helped us set up modern like libraries and science laboratories as well as helping us acquire learning materials that include desktop computers and tablets for digital learning. Competent teachers registered with the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) help to ensure that all children under care receive quality teaching services that match the facilities provided.

House Keeping

This department is responsible for running meals, boarding and accommodation sections of the School. The main activities that fall in this department are:

  1. Vegetable farm – involves the growing of all vegetables used by the kitchen in the preparation of the children’s meals. Crops grown on site include kale, spinach, tomatoes, butternut squash, onions, cabbages, corn and many more.
  2. Kitchen – this involves the cooking of all food to be consumed by the children and staff of the School. Food is cooked using biogas technology where methane that is produced by the fermentation of organic matter (cow dung) is pipped to the school kitchen from the dairy farm.
  3. Bakery – this section also oversees the daily baking of bread for use by the children and staff in the School.
  4. Laundry and sanitation – these involve the maintenance of hygiene in all sections of the School as well as the washing of children’s uniforms, beddings and other personal effects.

House of Hope School believes in providing all children under our care with holistic education, which means working towards equipping the pupils and students with more than just academic knowledge.

This is essential because it helps a child to not only have a chance at excelling in any academic field but also equips them with different skills that can aid them to prospering in blue collar situations. Based on a child’s age, the School provides various skill nurturing activities that are both fun and informative to the child. Some of the activities available on site are:

  1. Art, Craft & Beading
  2. Tailoring & dressmaking
  3. Crop farming
  4. Rabbit keeping
  5. Dairy farming
  6. Baking & Pastry making
  7. Carpentry & metal work
  8. Automotive mechanics
  9. Band practice lessons that includes guitar, drum set, violins, piano and trumpet

House of Hope School is founded on Christian teachings. The School teaches Christian values that have common ground in all Christian denominations.

Children under our care are taught how to be ambassadors of peace, love and unity whenever they are in their communities. A full time Chaplain oversees all Church activities that include daily devotions, bible studies and Sunday services that are structured to cater for all age groups under our care.

Extra Curricular Activities
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Thanks to the assistance of well-wishers, House of Hope School has made it possible for all children under our care to have adequate and

 quality facilities to nurture this very important side of their growth.By participating in such activities in the school, the children are able to explore interests, they are able to improve on their self-esteem, they enhance their social circle through making friends plus they also learn essential life skills like goal setting, teamwork, time management, prioritization among many more. Some of the activities available on site include playgrounds for the young, sports, indoor games, board games, music clubs, drama clubs and much more.

Medical Services
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The School runs a medical center on site that helps to cater for most medical House of Hope School provides basic medical services to all children under our care.

Through the kind assistance of well-wishers,needs that arise in the daily lives of the children under our care.Donations received help to equip the medical center as well as provide for funds for referral cases which are taken to nearby hospitals.